4 effective treatments for hair loss

Hair loss can be affected by anyone. It is said that fifty percent of the population go through a phase of hair loss by the time they reach the age of fifty. It is important to know the cause for the hair loss when it occurs so that the appropriate treatment can be sought after. Anaemia, thyroid, chemotherapy or protein deficiency can result in the cause of hair loss. Good lifestyle can lead to a world of difference in the health of the hair and the prevention of hair fall can be done by providing proper hygiene for your hair by constantly keeping it clean.

The type of hair loss in men and women differ in a lot of sense. The kind of hair loss women encounter is mostly inherited, and unlike men, their hair does not get as thin and does not crown as much either. It is seen that the female pattern of baldness can occur in women as early as in their 20s. Even though it starts in the 20s, the pattern is so gradual that it takes years to become noticeable. Women are mostly seen to have underlying causes for their case of hair loss such as polycystic ovary syndrome or anaemia.

In the case of men, hair loss is usually inherited and results in the formation of bald patches at the top of the head which is usually noticeable. They start the hair loss even in the 20s, and it does become noticeable as the process is not gradual. It can also be seen that individuals who have the habit of pulling their hair back end up losing the hair at the front.

There are numerous methods that have said to effectively curb the issue of hair loss. By only a few have been proved scientifically by the FDA.


Use shampoos

One of the most common ways is the use of shampoos that consists of nioxin. Even though it does not harm the hair in any way, it is also not proven to help in the stopping of hair loss.



There are a few drugs that can be taken to slow down the process of hair loss. These are seen to reduce the affect of hair fall on a long term basis and the stopping of intake of these does not seem to affect the hair fall either. Finasteride is the type of medication that can only be used by men which are approved by the FDA. The medicine blocks the natural hormones produced in the scalp that hinders the growth of hair follicles. Here’s how it works.



It is an over the counter medicine that works both in men and women. It works best on the crown of the head and not in the frontal part.


Prostaglandin analogs

These are used particularly for enhancing the eyelashes. It is not an FDA approved medication.

Treatment is taken best once you have consulted a doctor, as they will be able to get a good idea on what is causing the condition and recommend the right kind of treatment.…

4 symptoms and types of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome as its name suggests is a condition that affected the bowel movement of a person. It results in irregular bowel movements increasing the number of bowel movements or decreasing it depending on how it affects the person. The condition is usually affected by people who are from the demographic of 18 to 40. It makes the stool thin, hard, liquid, or soft. It causes pain or discomfort to the belly and results in the changes of bowel habits disrupting the normal routine of a person.

Symptoms of IBS

There are several symptoms that are said to show that the person is affected by IBS. So let us take a lot at some of the symptoms that are associated with IBS.

  1. Diarrhoe

The common symptoms of the condition are diarrhoea. The episodes of diarrhoea are usually violent.

  1. Constipation

IBS patients also suffer from constipation. Sometimes, constipation can be accompanied by diarrhoea.

  1. Bloating of stomach

IBS leads to bloating of the stomach and the formation of a lot of gas. It is a very uncomfortable condition. You may also notice the belly sticking out compared to how it usually is.

  1. Belly pain

Cramps or belly pain that gets better after a bowel movement. The pain usually happens in the lower part of the belly

The symptoms of the condition can get worse when the person affected by the condition goes through a lot of stress. It is important to keep the person with IBS in good mental health so that he/she does not have to go through episodes of stress and make the condition worse. It is also noticed that a person affected by IBS can also by affected by sexual and urinary problems.

Types of IBS

IBS is not a life-threatening condition, and its prolonged effect is not expected to cause conditions such as colon cancer in a person. So it can be a sigh of relief for the patient. IBS can be categorised into four types.


It is the type of IBS that is accompanied by constipation. You need to conduct certain tests to confirm the type.


In this form of IBS the patient will find the condition of diarrhoea to affect them. The episodes of diarrhoea can be severe.


It is the condition where the patient is affected by both constipation and diarrhoea. So, people having this type of IBS suffer more.


The people affected by IBS who does not fit under any of this condition is categories under this type.

Women are most likely affected by the condition, and the United States has approximately 25 to 40 million cases of IBS. IBS is a condition that is not known to cause serious complications.

It affects the person life heavily, though. They might miss a lot of school or work days and would not be able to put their hundred percent in their work. This might lead to the need for major lifestyle changes to accommodate their condition with their lifestyle. This makes it important to seek for proper treatment and keeping the condition under control so as to not let it take an upper hand.

Proper care is needed to the patient with IBS to lead a normal life as any amount of stress can have a drastic change in the symptoms. If you need more advice regarding this health problem then please visit the following website:


8 ways women can get rid of their facial hair

Facial hair development is a common process that can be found in a male who are going through the stages of puberty. The beard and mustache in a male thicken once the production of male sex hormone called testosterone increases, leading to several other changes such as deepening of the voice.

Women also have a certain level of testosterone in the system that is produced by the ovaries. It is required for the normal functioning of the body. But sometimes several issues culminate and end up in the increased development of testosterone in excess. This can lead to the excessive development of facial hair in a woman. It can also be the result of the sensitivity of the woman against testosterone that leads to excessive production of facial hair. But it can be noticed that there is always a certain amount of facial hair in a woman. And it might be something they would be embarrassed about if it is kind of noticeable. So let us take a look at some of the methods to get rid of facial hair.


It is one of the most common and cheaper ways to remove facial hair. But it can cause cuts and other injuries if not done appropriately.


This is the method that damages the skin the least. It is cheap, but it does not remove the hair as much as waxing can do.


It is the method of camouflaging the hair to match the color of your skin. There are chances for allergies if the hair is exposed to sunlight soon after bleaching.

Hair removal creams

It is one of the cheapest methods that do not require the help of a professional. The effect of the creams, though, cannot be trusted and frequent applications might be required.


It is one of the cheapest methods of hair removal. But it can go totally wrong in case it is not done by an experienced person.

Laser hair removal

It is one of the best methods to permanently remove facial hair without any infections. But the method is highly expensive.


It is a method that can be done at the comfort of home or a salon. But it can hurt more compared to the other methods of hair removal.

Home remedies

You can use apricot and honey facial scrub. The content of lycopene in apricot helps in the removal of hair. When it is combined with honey it becomes an excellent hair removal treatment. Orange and lemon peel face mask have natural exfoliating agents that help in the removal of facial hair. Gelatin peel off mask can be a bit of a smelly method of hair removal, but it can be contained by the use of lemon which would suppress the smell of gelatin.

Use any of these methods to remove facial hair. It might be a great idea to figure out the method that suits you best based on your skin and the size of your wallet.…

4 Natural Ways to Treat Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can occur anytime and anywhere without any warning or apparent cause. This fact alone is enough to make someone extremely anxious and fearful. If you have experienced panic attacks before, there’s no point in isolating yourself from the rest of the world. You can still be in control of your condition and find ways to cure panic attacks. Nowadays, many natural remedies work to address the root causes of panic attacks.


The following are some tips to help you cure panic attacks the natural way.

1. Maintain a stress-free and calm ambience at home

Make sure that all things that cause a lot of stress to you should be out of your way at home, be it the clutter in your room or the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Also, set aside plenty of time for relaxation. For instance, you can allot half an hour of relaxation time for listening to music or reading a good book before going to bed.

2. Avoid anything that keeps you from being relaxed

Coffee boosts heart rate, while chemicals in cigarettes restrict blood flow to the brain. So avoid them to make it easier for you to relax.

3. Eat more “brain foods”

Since panic attacks come from the brain activities, it pays to include a lot of brain foods in your daily diet. These healthy foods include fish, vegetables, grains, nuts, and oats.

4. Take advantage of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy products are known to have soothing and calming effects to the brain. You can try mixing lavender oil with other bath oils, whose scent alone is simply relaxing.…

5 Foolproof Ways to Control Stuttering

If you speak well, people perceive you as a smart, charismatic person. On the other hand, if you often stutter and cannot express yourself clearly when you speak, people see you as an incompetent and weak person.

As much as you would like to be flawless when you speak, there are times when anxiety and nervousness get the better of you. Sometimes as you speak, your tongue seems to trip itself over no matter how hard you try not to stutter.


If stuttering has become more of a habit than an exception to you, here are the steps you can take to curb that habit:

1. Create a mental picture of what you are going to say

People who frequently stutter fail to visualize the words they intend to say before they start to speak. Worse, most of them have no idea what to say exactly and how to express it verbally. If you try to picture in your mind what you wish to say, then it will be a lot easier for you to find the right words to use to convey your message.

2. Perform an aural visualization

Practice speaking the words you usually find difficult to pronounce. Let your brain hear the words you are going to say. This mental exercise helps you get used to speaking the words that typically cause you to stutter.

3. Don’t pressure yourself too much

The more you pressure yourself to speak fluently, the higher your chances of stumbling when you speak. It is because you increase your anxiety and stress when you are pressured, causing you to stutter. Just relax when you speak.

4. Speak more slowly

Take a deep breath before you speak and feel the rhythm of every word that comes out. Speaking too fast can lead to more stammering. So speak at a moderate pace.

5. Speak as though you are singing

Try this: when you speak, do it in a singing way. Do you feel how much easier it is to speak that way? It is because people tend to stutter less when they sing.…

Do You Have Social Anxiety? Find Out If You Have the Symptoms

Do you feel extremely self-conscious or shy in any social situation? Do you avoid situations that involve mingling or speaking with other people? Do you find it hard to speak up your mind? Chances are, yours is not a simple case of shyness—rather, it is a condition known as social anxiety. Every year, about 3.7% of the US adult population or five million Americans have this condition.


What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety, also called social phobia, is an intense feeling of self-consciousness and shyness that lead to an extreme fear, causing a person to feel discomfort when dealing with people. But these people have no qualms about communicating with their family and close friends.

What are the signs of being socially anxious?

Severe shyness sets in when they have to speak in public, join a group discussion, talk to strangers, or meet new people. It is because they feel awkward doing so and fear getting embarrassed. Aside from that, they fear being noticed, laughed at, or criticized by others. They don’t like to be the center of attention in a group setting. People who have social phobia usually avoid situations that force them to interact with others.

As with other phobias, social anxiety phobia is a fearful response to a non-threatening person or situation. People who have social phobia react as though the threat does exist.

This condition becomes apparent with symptoms such as shortness of breath and palpitations. Such symptoms are a sign of the fight-or-flight response, which is a result of adrenaline rush and the release of other chemicals in the body that prepares it either to escape the situation or to fight. This is the response of the nervous system that alerts danger to people, so they can save themselves from the so-called threat. People with social phobia experience such responses too strongly, too often, and usually in situations in which it is out of place. That said, the threat seems real, so they react by freezing up and not being able to interact with other people.…