can lis. coursework on materials + daylight + understanding architecture. mallorca . So instead Jørn Utzon bought land near Porto Petro. Beyond the tourist trail on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Jørn Utzon built his family summer house, Can Lis, in the s. Jennifer McMaster. Architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-Wow shared with us his experience visiting Jørn Utzon’s Can Lis, a house on Majorca, Spain.

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Photography Yasuhiro Nakayama Shinkenchiku-sha. Can Lis on the south-west coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca.

The four separate blocks are utozn together with walls and courtyards. The pine trees lining the road all leaned in the same direction, a fact that spoke of strong ocean winds.

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I visited Majorca in November jogn the assistance of Lise Juel, the architect who was designing the restoration of Can Lis. From west to lls, the first block houses the kitchen, dining room and study, the second the living room, the third the bedrooms and the fourth contains a guest suite. What manner of varied program will the wind, light, and shadows unfold for us, amid this confrontation between flatness of sea and flatness of stone?

Get your copy here today! These days, I was told, the joorn fields are maintained less for production than for tourism. Can Lis has a number of areas where loggias and projecting roofs provide the necessary shade.


By employing uhzon same materials as those he found in use around the island, he had sought to place his own house in the lineage of the simple local architecture. Based on these drawings and with the help of the local building contractor Jaime Vidal, the house’s final design emerged during the course of the building process.

Utzon’s island escape

Additive Architecture Critical regionalism. Peaceful vignettes are carefully framed. Framed views out to the Mediterranean Sea. Because of the tiles and also the soft appearance of the sandstone, the walls, although built of stone, did not appear cold and impersonal.

Visiting Can Lis – Jørn Utzon’s House on Majorca | JA+U

Windows frame interior vignettes, external vistas and light play. Below the opening, tiles of white and deep blue formed a pattern evoking the waxing and norn of the moon. Views Read Edit View history.

Utzon’s approach is reminiscent of the experience he had gained in Finland where he saw how Alvar Aalto had built the Villa Maireaaltering the design along the way. Precise studies in 1: On the sea side of the room, six niche-like apertures of moderate height protrude outward at different angles.

Utzon visited Majorca in when returning from Australia after disagreements with the authorities about how to complete his iconic Sydney Opera House. With this simple small detail, directionality was born among walls of various heights.


The diagonal stone slabs protruding from the wall and the stone rising from the floor are also finished in tile. Beyond them, near the street, the stone walls of Can Lis appeared.

Three sets of wood doors seal the spaces between the columns, and opening them, one enters a room with a high ceiling. He was enchanted by the island and decided to build a summer residence there.

Inui on the important role of sketching. The front door, when opened, displays the relief of a half crescent moon, a motif that reappears throughout the house: Access is only given to a limited number of people at a time. Two rows of columns form a corridor to the bedrooms at the east. The group should not consist of more than 15 people and residence excludes the hours of 8: Upon taking a liking to Majorca, Utzon had investigated the island in detail.

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat To the opposite side of the house entrance, there is a small walled garden. Completed init consists of four separate blocks linked together by walls and courtyards.