BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON by Stephen Vincent Benét. The north and the w est and the south are good hunting ground, but it is forbidden to go east. It. Dec 14, Need help with By the Waters of Babylon in Stephen Vincent Benét’s By the Waters of Babylon? Check out our revolutionary side-by-side. The By the Waters of Babylon Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, by Stephen Vincent Benet.

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It is better to lose one’s life than one’s spirit, if one is a priest and the son of a priest. Aug 26, Mell rated it really liked it Shelves: Nevertheless, my knowledge and my lack of knowledge burned in me—I wished to know more. The dog follows John as he walks further along the god-roads, and John soon realizes not only that he is being followed by a whole pack of wild dogs, but that they are hunting him.

When I reached for a stone to throw, he moved swiftly out of tye way of the stone. I find it very hard to believe that someone that lived over years ago could go into so much detail describing something that hasn’t happened today. He looked at me out babyoon both eyes. Set in a future following the destruction of industrial civilization, the story is narrated by a young man [4] who is the son of a priest.

Everywhere there were books and writings, many in tongues that I could bagylon read. When I was very near, my raft struck and turned over. And I also think that the “quest” the priests go on… they all go to the place where the main character did.


Dec 31, Kirsten rated it liked it. Nor were there candles or lamps—there were things that looked like lamps but they had neither oil nor wick. Though John does not fully understand what he sees, readers understand that modern humans possess powers that once were only ascribed to gods. When I had reached the god-road, I saw that there were others behind him. The book is very much ahead of its time, and I respect it for that.

The last page syephen interesting, and that page alone gave me shivers.

By the Waters of Babylon – Wikipedia

John explains that the gods did beenet hunt; instead, they ate food from magical jars. Again, word choice and phrasing are important to the success of the story, and once the ending is revealed, the class could write about or talk about the importance of word choice in order to achieve a desired effect.

After the metal is removed from the dead places, the priests and the metal must be ritually purified. I waited again on the flat rock, fasting, taking no food. Never have I been so much alone—I tried to think of my knowledge, but it was a squirrel’s heap of winter nuts.

So I knew my magic was strong and my journey clean, in spite of the law.

By the Waters of Babylon

I knew the reason for the Dead Places but I did not see why it had happened. The sign was an eagle. Perhaps, in the old days, they ate knowledge too fast. I was very still—I could feel the sky above me and the earth beneath. John has trouble steering the raft across the river. Yet, at this moment, John does not feel brave. Okay, to be honest, I didn’t even understand babyon whole thing until the end, and even then I was still confused.

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I wrapped myself in a floor-covering and slept in front of the fire—I was very tired. John tells us that his experience as a priest has since shown him that his father was right.

Hard to believe it’s such an old story. John wakes in the middle of the night. The wild dogs are bbabylon dangerous, for they hunt in a pack, but them I did not meet till later.

Okay, so the gods were men, and the men were us He was not afraid of me; he looked at me as if I were meat. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of every Shakespeare play.

I can read letters but I could not understand these. I shouted and the panther lifted his head from the fawn. When gods war with gods, they use weapons we do not know. I travel upon the god-roads and am not afraid. John tells us that, if his spirit had been babykon his body when he had this vision, he believes that he would have died of shock. If I had slept later, they would have come upon me asleep and vincfnt out my throat.