Bhimbetka is home to some of the oldest cave paintings known to man, probably the first ever form of human expression. The rock shelters of Bhimbetka are at a distance of 45km south east of Bhopal. of which caves have paintings, which shows the life of communities from. The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka are in the foothills of the Vindhyan Mountains to the site bear a strong resemblance to those represented in the rock paintings.

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These drawings include the scenes paijtings festivities, religious rites, daily work and hunting. The colors used are vegetable colors which have endured through time because the drawings were generally made deep inside a niche or on inner walls. A remarkable feature, one that has caught the attention of archaeologists, is that the paintings represent the whole spectrum of time: These drawings show diverse animals, warriors riding on horses and elephants. One such unexpected discovery was made in a large cave called Auditorium Cave.

Surrounded by quartzite towers which are visible from several kilometers distance, the Auditorium rock is the largest shelter at Bhimbetka. Archaeologists estimate that the earliest paintings on the cave walls date to the Mesolithic period.

The premises has a lush green surrounding with children’s play area. Views Read Edit View history. Some of these paintings are reported to be as old as 15, years.

Bhimbetka, the treasure of rock shelters, is believed to be home to many over centuries. Legend says that the Lakha juhar forest was once the wax lakh palace bhimbdtka the Pandavas. Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology. Ghimbetka theMembers. Since then, more than such shelters have ccave identified, of which belong to the Bhimbetka group and to the Lakha Juar group.

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Abundant natural resources include perennial water supply, natural shelters, rich forest flora and fauna, bearing a significant resemblance to similar rock art sites such as Kakadu National Park in Australiathe cave paintings of the Bushmen in Kalahari Desertand the Upper Paleolithic Lascaux cave paintings in France. Jerimalai Laili Lene Hara. The superimposition of paintings bhimbtka that the same canvas was used by different people at different times.

And a rich flora and fauna surrounding these, indeed, make Bhimbetka a gift to us from our earliest ancestors. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage.

Art of Bhimbetka is characterised by inventive design and touch — throughout countless generations there have been expressing many people with enviable skills in drawing and skillful handling of colors. Wondermondo considers that India is bbhimbetka second richest centre of architectural heritage in the world after Europe and maybe no single country of the world can match it in this respect. Wakankarwho saw these rock formations and thought these were similar to those he had seen in Spain and France.

On another rock, two elephants with tusks are painted.

The World Heritage List Site of Bhimbetka – UNESCO

Those drawings which are deeper inside the caves, away from the rain and Sun, have survived better. Initially just outline of animal or person was drawn, in later periods this outline was filled with color and details. Kondoa Irangi Luxmanda Mumba. Cave List of caves Cave painting Speleology. In Bhhimbetka we can follow the changes in psychological and sociological mindset of people throughout many thousands of years.


Shelters contained not just stone artefacts from prehistoric age but a lot more: Wakankar had seen similar landscape in Italy and France and supposed that this looks like a suitable place where to look for artefacts left by ancient people. In some caves, popular religious and ritual symbols also appear often.

Bhimbetka cave shelters | Wondermondo

The association is of riders, depiction of religious symbols, tunic-like dresses and the existence of scripts of different periods.

They looked very old but it seemed nearly impossible to find their true age. In paintinsg there have been counted drawings of humans, of these are adult men.

This goes to suggest that Rock Art is a mixture of art, aesthetics and philosophy.

Help preserve sites now! An archaeological treasure, Bhimbetka has around rock shelters. De schuilplaatsen in de rotsen bij Bhimbetka bevinden zich in de uitlopers van het Vindhyan gebergte, aan de zuidelijke rand van het centrale Indiase plateau.

The hotel offers a range of modern facilities that makes for a relaxed and pleasant stay at the World Heritage Bhimbetka.