Bhakti in the hearts of men. One of these hymns is the famous Bhaja Govindam. The way of devotion, is not different from the way of knowledge. BHAJA GOVINDAM Tranlation With Telugu Script – Download as Word Doc .doc) , PDF File .pdf), Text File Bhaja Govindam Lyrics and Meaning. Bhaja Govindam is a popular Hindu devotional composition attributed to Adi Shankara. This work of Adi Shankara underscores the view that devotion (Bhakti) to.

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One should keep it clean, feed it, clothe it, etc. One must attain liberation by gradually reducing and ultimately getting rid of attachments, as from attachment flows grief and delusion. Is there no one to guide you?

Sri Adi Shankaracharya Bhaja Govindam In Telugu – Temples In India Information

Living in flesh and implicitly obeying to the wretched body-consciousness is universally very easy for any one, lyrocs the body wants such sensory pleasures or gratification and no practice is necessary for that, but to fight against its own low instincts and come to win the divine mastery goindam the flesh is very difficult. It is very clear from what has been said so far that to live in attachment is, certainly, an ill rewarding programme of existence.

Regularly sing the glory of God as given in Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Sri Vishnusahasranamam, govindsm meditate upon the form of Aadi Purusha Sri Mahavishnu, the Lord of Lakshmi, make every effort to take the mind towards the company of the good, noble and holy, and share the wealth with the poor and needy. It is to the credit of India that it has produced the greatest scholar, philosopher and thinker ever produced in any country in the world.


If you face problem downloading from a link, then please try the very next link. In spite of this apparent lacuna, I ventured to write this commentary for Bhaja Govindam mainly for my own reference in my own understanding and language.

When that wisdom is integrated with life and issues out in action, it becomes devotion. So, what has to be renounced sincerely is the desire and the attachment with an intention and spirit of dedication to God. Wealth is neither constant nor stable.

Bhaja Govindam

Govlndam does not know what fear is. I have no words to express myself and I am thankful to HIM from the core of my heart for His inspiration to accomplish this sacred assignment.

The jiva will ultimately depart with painful bundles of bhana acquired in one’s desire-ridden selfish life. Free yourself from desire or lustanger, greed, and delusion.

One may escape any or all other hardships, but death and the parting of ways are inevitable. So, ultimately God becomes one of the material objects to be acquired and even relegated lyricx the last item in the list. When Truth is realised, where is the snare of Samsaara. Sri Sankaracharya, the master of the Sruti, again unfolded the Vedic truth carefully to those who were fit to receive it.

The first and the strongest sign of ego is development of body-consciousness.

Bhaja Govindam PDF Download – God Vishnu

teluguu One has to fight against the hordes of temptations every day, at the same time, and for that one has to look for association with the good people. The brittle vanities of life will never give permanent enjoyment to any one.

The mind starts seeing the things in their right perspective. The intellect, which has lyricd been trained to remember God till one attains sixty years, will never resort to spirituality after that.


Subjugation to the natural passions is a common scene, but victory of the soul by subjugating the same oyrics passions is possible only with the aid of Lord. Yes, it is a tall order, as most of us are in the grip of moods and momentary pleasures.

One has to make every effort to perfect this impossible art. From where did I come?

If you have wealth, spend it with full joy, for the sake of those who do not have, the poor, to wipe their tears, instead of squandering carelessly in wasteful deeds. At the same time, one should not indulge in criticism of others, who do not believe in God or who are not devotees, as despise them would be arrogance.

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Bhagavan is Bhava Graahi. A yogi is like a child, who is, in his innocence does not know the difference between good and evil and, at times, behaves like a mad man, who does not care for the world. Desires multiply as long as we keep on satisfying them. Our elders always telkgu us to keep away from two important things if we wish to grow steadily in the path of spirituality.

As we learnt from earlier slokas, pleasure is a state of mind. Chronology of Hindu texts. Now, we have attained this manava janma due to some punya karmas in our earlier births.