Owner’s Manuals. Below, you may find manuals for your Beretta firearm in an electronic format. You may also order a hard copy if desired. Owner’s Manuals. Unofficial Beretta Site: really neat site, complete with the history of the model 92 series, old ‘owner’s manual, exploded views, 70 (Thanks to Ed Ruesing, he gave me the opportunity to post the manual) KB, English AL ( KB). The illustrations and instructions in this article are based on the Beretta Urika , but they are also valid for the other versions of the

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The magazine plug part 43 is an aluminum rod with a head like a nail, which extends through the shaft of the magazine cap and into the magazine. By assembling rubber recoil pads of different thicknesses, one can modify the length of pull.

Some people say their carriers are twisted so badly you can easily see it, but mine had such a little twist in it that I still can’t see anything wrong with it. Magazine Parts and Plug: The piston part 48 normally remains on the magazine cap shaft part 45but if the gun is dirty it may stick inside the gas cylinder on the barrel.

To reverse the safety for a left-hander, just turn the button end-for-end and put it back in. If you have to buy a new carrier, you might want to get one with the lever already attached.

It is held in place by a spring clip magazine reducer plug retaining washer, part If not, depress it completely. With the retaining pin out, the firing pin and spring just slide right out. Should this happen, the choke must be tightened again using the supplied spanner. Should this occur, the breech bolt would be kept OPEN by the cut-off lever. The holes on the front ends of the braces fit over studs on the sides of the hammer. Remove the forearm and barrel, and slide the piston off the magazine cap shaft.

Beretta AL391 Teknys Gold Target Owner Manual (Spanish)

Wed Mar 07, 3: It goes in and out a lot easier, and it holds everything in just fine. Al31 sure the end of the connecting rod goes into the cup on the end of the recoil spring guide part Remove the hammer spring.


To remove it, use a thin blade or similar tool to press the plunger in and push the button out to the left side of the trigger group. I would guess that Beretta added the ring because the outer part of the nut rusts, which could cause the plunger to bind. You should now be able to work the bolt up and down, compressing the recoil spring, by holding onto the operating rod. Tue Feb 27, 2: Every rounds according to the type of ammunition usedcomplete the Routine Maintenance with the following extra operations.

Do either of those things, let the pin fall out or push it out with a punch, and the plunger and spring will come out.

Very nice Mr Ben! You should be able to feel the plunger moving on its spring. With the cap off, hold a rag over the end of the spring, pull the nail out, and let the spring come out gently.

Owner’s Manuals

When you put the forearm on, make sure the U-shaped projection of wood at the base of the forearm goes into the recess on the front of the receiver.

When I did the cleaning with a thinner wire I had trouble with failures to eject, because the ports were open to some extent, but too narrow.

Just drive out the carrier pin, and make sure the small parts two round swivel joints, spring and spring guide don’t get lost when it all comes apart. The safety button is factory assembled to be engaged by pushing it from the left to the right side of the receiver and disengaged in the opposite direction with the index finger of the right hand right-handed shooters. The gun seems to work just fine with the valve shaft turned the wrong direction, but I suspect the shaft on the magazine cap will get dirtier faster that way.

• Disassembly of Beretta

Excess oil and grease obstructing the bore even partially are very dangerous when firing and may cause damages to the shotgun and serious injury to the shooter and bystanders. A torque wrench is useful for this purpose.


But of course, all the wobbling in the world won’t matter if you don’t have failures to feed. Sometimes the bolt will seem to go in OK but it won’t slide back all the way. This article does not apply at all to the Beretta gas-operated guns that have the recoil spring in the forearm older Lark series and the current Xtrema nor to Beretta’s recoil-operated shotguns ES Pintail uriks Victoria. I have used a small vise, and a friend of mine uses a drill press, but I generally use a small pair of tongue berettta groove mnaual commonly called Channellocks.

Pull the sleeve part of the operating rod forward, and the bolt will come out of the receiver. I lay the carrier on a smooth table top, hold it down berretta a fingertip, and wiggle it side-to-side. Full choke constriction when using steel shot does not increase pattern density and often distorts normal pattern density associated with lead.

Put the safety on. The safety button is held in place by a plunger and spring on the right side. The firearm is loaded and ready to fire. Then put the nut in the socket and turn the gun partly over on its side so you can get the socket inside without the beretra falling out. Always store your firearms securely and unloaded, separate from ammunition. To carry out the described operation with ease, the head of the breech bolt connecting rod must rest in the recoil spring guide housing.

The recoil spring needs to be geretta periodically, because it weakens with use. Try the wrench every 30 seconds to a minute, and the cap will come out in just a few minutes.