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BBMP restricts high-rises in city through FAR regulation

No public advertisements or call for consultations was done. Respondents 1 to 3. How is it related to master plan? It is needless to point out that the 4th respondent who owns the property has implied responsibility not to cause hardship, inconvenience and sufferings to the residents of the locality and injury to third parties. Learned Counsel submits that there is a resolution passed by the Corporation i.

State of Assam2 SCC At paragraph 4, it is stated that the endorsement dated Annexure-M, was issued by Akram Pasha, the then Assistant Director of Town Planning while building plan Was sanctioned by the 3rd respondent.

We are confident that this is not the right usage of the provision, which we believe was meant to correct small anomalies efficiently. Our work is to empower citizens, made possible by your donation.

In the said report, it is stated that the sketch incorporates all the deviations noticed in the inspection including the deviations which did not form part of the Confirmation Order dated issued by the then Assistant Executive Engineer, K. In the 21st century, the menace of illegal and unauthorised constructions and encroachments has acquired monstrous proportions and everyone has been paying heavy price for the same.

‘New zoning rules reduce quality of life in residential areas’ – Citizen Matters, Bengaluru

Sub-clause j of Byf IV N Krishna Naik, who is no more and that the deviations between the Confirmation Order and the sketch enclosed is being examined thoroughly and necessary 22015 would be taken in accordance with law. However, it must be noticed that the site in question being a corner site the building to be erected thereon requires compliance with Bye-law 17 of the Bye-laws relating to buildings at intersection of streets and reads thus:.


It is further stated that the 4th respondent has not occupied the premises and if that is so, respondents 1 to 3 have a vbmp to demolish the structure to the extent it is in violation of the building plan sanction at the cost of the 4th respondent, who is directed to pay Rs.

It is hot known as to what are all the set backs on hind and sides. We believe that due legal process has not been followed and that the UDD has no authority to unilaterally change aspects of the Llaws Plan. A bare perusal of Section B when read with Bye-law 5. B Narasimha Murthy subscribed to Annexures-R3, R4 and R5 and failed to prevent the construction of the building with deviations by the 4th respondent.

Notices issued to building byelaws violators in Bangalore

Lakshmi Narayana is personally present and promises the Court to take necessary corrective measure over the duties to be discharged by the Engineers in the matter of constructions of buildings in Bangalore. Onone more report was filed by respondents 1 to 3 in compliance with the order dated stating that a comprehensive inspection of the building was carried out with reference to the sanctioned plan and that a lawws was prepared indicating the deviations, enclosed to the memo.

Zoning and building las are also legitimised from the point of view of the control of community development, the prevention of overcrowding of land, the furnishing of recreational facilities dike parks and playgrounds and the availability of adequate water, sewerage and other governmental or utility services.

State of Maharashtrawhich on facts, related to the Bombay Municipal Corporation’s order for demolition of illegal constructed portions of the building, observing thus: V Giridhar, learned Counsel for petitioner points out to two glaring infirmities, one with regard to staircase abutting the adjacent property and not at the place as per the sanction of the building plan; and secondly, that the second floor is not permitted to be fully covered by building, but only partially.

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There is nothing to hbmp that there has been anything of significance since the High court verdicts to change the situation on the ground and to justify such wholesale changes. I am very excited to work with Rajni Sir. Apparently there is non-compliance with the said Bye-law while according sanction to the building plan in question. No Case or Topic can be added. It must be emphasised that the Development Plan prepared under the Planning Act, would be for the benefit of the public.

The private owners are to some extent prevented from making the most profitable use of their property. Log In India UK. Supreme Court Of 210503 Dec Issue a writ of mandamus, similar writ, order or direction and direct the respondents 1 to 3 to consider the representation dated and as at Annexures-D and E to the present writ petition in accordance with law and expeditiously; c. Ravindra, former Chief Secretary of Bhmp and presently the Chairman of the Smart Cities India Foundation, to look into the gamut of issues relating to Commercialization of residential areas.

The draft notifications have been put on the government gazette. Provided that the amount so prescribed shall not be less than.

Though it is said that one K. The directions, judgments and affidavits all emphasised that residential areas are in danger of being destroyed with decreasing quality of life and that there should be no more commercialisation of residential areas. This notification in effect nullifies all efforts. Petition is ordered accordingly. State India World Business.

These two deviations are not brought out in the report according to the learned Counsel. If such activities are to stop, some stringent actions are required to be taken by ruthlessly demolishing the illegal constructions and non-compoundable deviations.