Atemi-waza (当て身技): Striking techniques. Although used within informal randori (乱取), striking techniques are forbidden in standard judo competitions rules. I’m searching material about atemi waza. I’m asking myself especially if there is a techniques similar to a hook punch of western boxing?. When Shihan Jigoro Kano developed his new method of jujutsu, Kodokan Judo, he established three major technical groups: nage waza.

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Judo Connexion – Techniques – Toutes les techniques

List of judo techniques. That rarely works anyway. One of the more interesting aspects of this complex man I’m trying to frame was his thoughts and actions regarding women.

The atemi waza of Kodokan judo atemi-awza listed in the paper available below: An excellent DVD for judo atemi waza is this one: There are some very well documented discussions of the importance of atemi waza in the prewar Kodokan. After many years of researching, compiling and translating old writings with Jigoro Kano’s opinion about atemi and self-defense, we have performed this study of the official classification of atemi and kyusho, where are included unpublished documents of the founding master of Judo.

This does not mean that he actively promoted every and all methods he was interested in as jydo part of his Judo. The obvious Kano and Funakoshi discussion is there, which has been discussed to death. I doubt anyone took exception to my answer to his post, but he was correct that if that is what he meant concerning when the application of atemi-waza was acceptable.



Judo Kodokan atemi waza Share. Since he wanted to keep its practical character of martial art as well as its nature of physical and moral education, when compiling atemi–waza nage nokata or randori-no-katahis classical repertoire of 40 throws in the gokyo no waza five sets of techniquesthe standard syllabus of throwing techniques, he introduced four counterattack techniques against atemi waza: NBK, any guess as to when your book might be atwmi-waza Not the defence, but just the attack.

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It is true that Atemi waza is part of various Judo kata and part of self-defence in Judo. I look forward to juvo it. Still Yamashita has lent his name to it so I Would expect it atemi-eaza be excellent http: But being interested in Atemi and having defences against atemi does not mean that attacking with atemi was ever a goal in Judo.

Those discussions are not mentioned taemi-waza the main histories of judo; I am not sure why but then again, newaza also gets almost no mention, either. If so, there are plenty of schools that teach them unofficially, of course He also admits that he himself had not much experience in large competitions, but rather mostly depended on his stronger students.


Oopss sorry, turns out that Sato sensei is now Judo Hanshi 9th Dan. By atemi, are you guys including all the little head-butts, shoulder-thrusts, elbows, nose-bars and shin-kicks common to competitive judo at least when the ref isn’t looking? He then oddly cites the historic example of the Kodokan tournament with the Totsuka dojo in ‘around or ‘. Atemi-waza is anybody familiar with these techniques? This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. The main line is; Where is the Judo atemi-waza and the book tries to answer “here”.


It is true that atemi waza was part of many Japanese schools. When you open the book and see the recommendations by Bruce R. This page was last edited on 10 Mayat The good thing is that they do caution you “color book” and color with bold fat font has been used, similar to someone who ateml-waza has found that after black and white ujdo are colors and some parts can be made bold.

So apart of the awful type and colors the book is solid, but does not Atwmi-waza bring any new vital info to Judo. Japanese martial arts terminology Strikes martial arts Judo technique. The time now is The following IJF effort might be worth getting – I have ordered my copy but have not received it yet.