IT at AtekPC. – PMO was introduced to provide standardization in managing IT projects. – Pre-PMO () IT projects are managed by development staff. 7 Jul The AtekPC management is now faced with challenges in the development and deployment of a Project Management Office in the company. 7 Jul The general purpose of a PMO was to realize the benefits that came from consistent project practices such as IT improvements in project.

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Based on my assigned readings and research these do appear to be appropriate reasons for developing a PMO. Much of this success it had achieved by cross-industry expansion within China, but sinceit had increasingly looked to expand globally.

Please log in to add your comment. Keep on sharing… Thanks!!! In mature organizations, the PMO is the focal point for improvement and enhancement in project management through the implementation of the enterprise-oriented functions.

One of the chief cultural issues in his mind was how quickly the functional areas are willing manxgement adapt to a more formal process. Resources would be assigned in a matrix structure for the duration of the project where you would have one key manager working on your project.

The specific duties of the PMO were typically divided into two categories: In addition to these knowledge barriers, the informality of the current practices was seen as highly attractive by many. Expansion of PMO enterprise-wide.

The AtekPC Project Management Office

IT was viewed as a peripheral job function to the core business activities. A PMO that is based throughout an organization in prject to a PMO base in one department is more likely to get the support from the senior executive.


Gardner had the expectation that the PMO model would be more heavy than light. More presentations by Prashant Mishra The Boeing IT projects were typically managed by adding PM responsibilities to one of the development staff who were assigned to specific functional areas.

Why or why not?

Bayyana’s Perspective: The AtekPC Project Management Office

Warren McFarlan, and Joycelyn W. Sales kickoff or any other large meeting 31 August Prezi at Dreamforce As a result, IT had been seen as an order-taker, expected to provide service on demand. Delete comment or cancel. Given the approach of measuring PMO performance through subjective consensus and anecdotal data, the next governance issue was figuring out to whom was the PMO accountable. In this approach the team would be getting a various range of experience and ability.

Eby Bythe HNA Group had grown from its roots as Hainan Airlines, a small airline founded in into a global conglomerate that ranked in the Global Present to your audience. At AtekPC, the current responsibilities of a PMO were limited to IT projects even though there were ongoing discussions about expanding its scope to an enterprise level PMO that would include business projects in the future.

On the other hand, enterprise responsibilities addressed services that might improve all projects such as portfolio management, PM standards, methods, and tools, and project performance archives.

Nikita’s blog: AtekPC Project Management Office – Case Preparation

There was a shortage of PMO expert resources, where staff consisted of a PMO director and three contract project managers. The PMO was being introduced in order to provide standardization in managing these projects and to gain improvements in the planning and performance of the initiatives.


Presents one company’s efforts to implement a project management organization, or PMO, and the challenges they faced in doing so. With some functional areas in support, the PMO team continued their implementation efforts. To provide formal program management office, which incorporates PMO value driven mythologies, while being mindful of the current culture of AtekPC. To compete in a changing industry in which consolidation was occurring, AtekPC had implemented a corporate Planning Office.

When PM is applied skillfully, in an appropriate way, it generally improves the probability of project success and pays for itself. The specific duties of a PMO were typically divided into two categories: This culture is not going to let us do that. The forces opposing the Managemsnt seemed overwhelming at times to those involved.

The AtekPC Project Management Office Case Study was assigned for this class to provide an overview of the projecg faced by management in the development and deployment of a PMO in an existing company.

It gets hard to acquire resources and to find funding for PMO resources. After identifying these commonalities, this paper focuses on specific factors which make non-profit governance particularly nuanced and complicated in specific situations.

Limit your response to one page. Milestones not specified within case study however to be done with IT projects at a shorter time then without an projject PMO.

Posted by Bayyana Perspectives at 1: We are going to be somewhere in the middle.