In this week’s ESOblog post she tells us about her role in creating the AstroCalendar, a database of astronomical events that brings the past. Implementation: This use case will be implemented by the AstroCalendar module of D2D. AstroCalendar is a project of ESO, for the ESO Supernova Planetarium. Astronomical Calendar for October: Link >>> com/astrocalendar/html#oct. The current month’s.

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Press Releases — — — — Announcements Stars ESO New on eso. It happens too fast for astfocalendarium press release to appear, but a blog contains a link to a high-resolution video of the Chelyabinsk event. Every morning, planetarium presenters around the world will be able to access a menu to select interesting news and fresh datasets — news, sky event data, historical event data and more see the use cases below — and mark the full datasets and metadata up for download for possible inclusion in show awtrocalendarium during the day.

Please follow and like us: This is a seriously complicated watch that introduces a number of important new technologies, plus it just looks like it means business. The second use of the AstroCalendar database is as a touchscreen in the ESO Supernova, which any visitor can use to explore current events as well as historical ones.

Around 11 Increment per year: AstroCalendar is one of the best tools for you to gain insight in your timing for the future by understanding your past.

Soon after to be determined by the vendor the news will appear in the the D2D presenter menu under News. In about ten minutes, you will know how to check if you should be keeping a low profile or coming out more in the limelight, when you should publish your book and when you should focus on your health. It is automatically wound via the large winding rotor, which you can see through the caseback. The Astrocalemdarium menu highlights an event about astrocalrndarium anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.


The Data2Dome

Press releases from all astronomy and space astrocalehdarium globally are crawled and syndicated by PTTU. Within hours a human curator finds the press release interesting and features it. For now, the AstroCalendar has two main uses. This use case will be implemented by ESO. They arrive at the planetarium and through a news feed find out everything interesting happening in the astrocalemdarium that day, as well as lots of historically interesting events.

It is also great for planning a trip so you can avoid all the hassles. The fully cased watch comes in at 45mm across and The exhibition starts in the Solar System, with the Sun and the planets that we know so well but which are still so fascinating. 2103 is a month subscription and you can also include your children or other people.

Astrocalendar – Federation of Astronomical Societies

The outermost ring displays the date, the middle ring the month, and the innermost ring the day of the week — the leap year indicator is actually housed on the movement itself, as the information is not necessary on a daily basis. Read the paper here: Data2Dome gathers and shares lots of multimedia content from places like NASA and ESA and enables planetarium presenters to act as astronomical weathermen.

They can also see high-quality images relating to different events.

Those small blue windows are actually protrusions from geared wheels that turn slowly as the various indicators advance. The associated assets images, flat videos and fulldome videos are downloaded, automatically distributed to all render nodes of the planetarium system and available for instant presentation.

An event could be something interesting happening in the sky tonight or over the next few days. The MB x pixels image Data are marked for download and are displayed on the dome after some minutes. Press Releases — — — — Announcements Stars ESO New on eso. In this way, the planetarium — usually expected to be the local hub of astronomy education — lags behind blogs, newspapers, TV and other media.

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Meta-feed The Content Providers asrrocalendarium a meta-feed. Send us your comments! The following are use cases which are currently being implemented by Content Providers. But the Astrocalendaire takes nontraditional to a totally different level. I love to try to feed this curiosity and answer questions about whatever they want to know. Subscribe to receive news from ESO in your language.

The perpetual calendar indicators here are a set of three tiered rings that surround the central flying tourbillon with its signature C-shaped cage.

SpaceWatchtower: Astronomical Calendar: October

My role was to set clear criteria for choosing which events to include and then to put the events into the database. Subscribe to receive news from ESO in your language.

Furthermore, the lecturer is asgrocalendarium with background information concerning the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Together, these people speak all the languages of the ESO Member States, providing an amazing international environment. I am always really curious about the reaction people have when they first walk through our doors. The first is in planetariums; it has already been incorporated into the Data2Dome project which is a content distribution system used by the majority of planetarium software including Digistar 6 which the Asrrocalendarium Supernova uses.

The crown-adjusted functions go both backwards and forwards smoothly, something that can’t be said of most perpetuals.

Hassan Jaffer – Sheppard Ave. Would you say that the ESO Supernova is in a unique position to communicate astronomy? The architecture of the building itself helps visitors to make this journey, to take a step away from what they know towards what they don’t know. It is always a continuous conversation through history between people who want to find astrrocalendarium more about the world.