Astral Dynamics has ratings and 29 reviews. Michael said: Bruce’s book on out-of-body experience is the best I’ve read over the years, and I’ve read. Part One – Elements of Projection. Chapter – Dimensional Theory Chapter – OBE and Perception. Part Two – New Energy Ways. Chapter – Imagination Versus . He combines his experiences and more than twenty-five years of research in his newest book, Astral Dynamics: A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Experience.

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Chapter – The Silver Cord. An approach which included sound yet radically different theory, detailed practical experiments and, finally, individual case studies. The astral flows from the real-time zone, but is best thought of as being completely separate from it.

Natural out-of-body creative ability does the rest, and their shape is thus altered for as long as they can maintain awareness of their dgnamics sense of form.

This variability in appearance is probably related to energetic flow and the corresponding strength of a projection. I could feel and smell and taste the rain passing through me exepriences I floated across my front garden. Unless referenced or otherwise specified, everything within Astral Dynamics is my considered opinion, based on my personal experience.

This was getting really weird, I thought. Do not use more than one card until you have some real success with this test. Return to Dimensions and Hyperdimensions. For all their apparent sophistication, they are very easy to learn and are oyt-of-body to use.

Animals In my experience, animals project regularly, especially pets. Astral sight allows the observer to see other projectors, thought forms, astral beings, wildlife, and even spirit beings. This helps empower and balance your whole energy body.

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It also allows me something I dearly love — the opportunity to discover! A projector’s real-time body parts will only become visible if that projector deliberately looks for them.

Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-Of-Body Experience

But I must say children take their newfound abilities, like flying and passing through walls, in their stride, as if these were all perfectly natural for them. This is what I believe happens when higher and lower levels of consciousness reintegrate on any dimensional level or level of consciousness. Solo OBEs appear to start when children become more physically and emotionally independent.

Dynamcis experience of outo-f-body separating from the physical body and leaving it behind can be extremely vivid and convincing.

Astral Dynamics – A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Download ( Pages)

By picking up this book you have taken your first step towards a level of understanding few aspire to, let alone achieve. This original or master, copy never leaves the bounds of its physical body while it still lives.

Observe this action and use this focus of attention to relax your mind. This is a very disturbing phenomenon and I don’t recommend you try it for more than a few seconds at a time.

Higher-Level Mind-Splits My experience indicates that higher subtle bodies, operating above the astral level, may undergo similar mind-split processes, and have similar properties, as their lower counterparts. The nonphysical laws governing this dimension call these astral physics are fluid and variable in the extreme.

An exchange of memories occurred between my physical dynamicz projected aspects. Luckily, at mis time, my physical aspect was experimenting with real-time sight, and was observing and studying the room around it If not for this factor, I doubt I would ever have experences the mind- split. My physical body was less than twenty feet below me at this time.


What is often called an etheric projection, I believe, is a type of energetically overextended projection. It is more logical to consider that when an entire projection is remembered from exit to reentry, memory has simply continued recording in an apparently unbroken stream throughout the entire projection, from start to finish.

They simply feel themselves as having another shape and form, out-of-boy concentrate on holding their new sense of whole-body self-awareness firmly in mind at all times.

The efficiency of all aspects of out-of-body operations is, in general, also greatly improved.

Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-Of-Body Experience by Robert Bruce

Focusing on physical sensation instead of visualization has been, uh, illuminating. Falling asleep is the very last thing you should do after the projected double has made its exit.

Separation Point The mind-split experience, as given above, and the many controlled experiments I have done similar to this, indicate that when the projected double leaves the physical body it takes with it a full copy of all memories up to the exact moment of the mind-split.

This deals with all aspects of out-of-body operations, and encapsulates my current knowledge on OBE. A deep, tickling, upward-moving, trickle of energy within the torso accompanies the internal generation of the real-time projectable double.