1 Apr This recommended practice covers recommended maintenance welding practices that may be used when repairing or installing. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP at Engineering Please discribe the difference between API AND API Title: ( Withdrawn) Pipeline Maintenance Welding Practices RP is now.

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Nondestructive testing personnel may need to be recertified if thereisanyquestionabouttheirability.

The welding may be done by a shielded metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, plasma arc api rpoxyacetylene welding, or flash butt-welding process or by a combination of these processes using a manual, semiautomatic, mechanized, or automatic welding technique or api rp combination of these techniques. If the filler metals are not manufactured in accordance with one of these specifications, they are stillacceptable as long as their chemical and mechanicalproperties comply with of the specifications.

Results of any qualification examinations. The total accumulated length of cluster porosity in any continuous inch Post-heat treatment if required.

The scope of this document is limited to the necessary operations ap weldingandtotheassociatedactivities of weldingnecessary for preparing materials for and weldingfor inspecting completed welds. Authorization for Repair by Welding Defects may not be repaired without prior company authorization. API Design and Construction Its edges shall be parallel and smooth. A change from one welding process or combination of processes to any other welding process or combination of processes.


Mechanized Pipeline Welding 07 Documents.

API-RPProcedure-for-Welding-or-Hot-Tapping-on-Equipment-in-Service digital_图文_百度文库

Designate current and polarthe ity; show the range of voltage and amperage for each electrode, rod, and wire. Identify the welding process used and whether it is manual, semiautomatic, or a combination of these. The welding may be done by shielded metal-arc welding, gas tungsten-arc welding, gas metal-arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, or oxyacetylene welding using a manual or semiautomatic welding technique or a combination of the techniques. The specimens are to be flattened at room temperature before testing, and the backing material may be removed before the flattening.

The repair is made under the supervision of a technician experienced in repair welding techniques. API was first Documents. The backing material may be removedbefore flattening. A strict requirement is that no concession Procedure for Repair of R The weld reinforcement shallbe removed from both faces flush with the surface specimen. This is the suggested welding sequence; the discretion the company, others may be followed and at of circumferential welds numbers3 and 4 need not be made.

Diameter aip thickness group. Their qualifications shall be acceptable to the company, and documentation of these qualifications shall be retained bythe company and shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following: A change in the diameter group.



A major change in joint dimensions. It is generally ap 6. The newly prepared groove is examined by a magnetic particle or liquid penetrant test to assure that the crack is completely removed.

They can be used after they have been qualified by the user. Cracks ture before testing. Specimens from groove welds are to be prepared as shown in Figure 4 while specimens zpi fillet welds are to be prepared as fp in Figure 5.

This record should be developed to suit ro needs of the individual company and should be sufficiently detailed to demonstrate that the qualification test embodied the various requirements prescribed by this recommended practice.

Api Code Practice Test PDF Code Practice Test Practice test aws api welding nondestructiveapi practice exam documents similar to practice test aws api aws d11 code clinic exercise Documents. Some additions to and modifications of these definitions are provided in 1. This recommended practice also applies to materials with chemical and mechanical properties that comply with the specificationslisted in Items a-c above, even if the materials were not manufactured in accordance with those specifications.