ANSI/ESD S – Hard Copy. ESD Association Standard for the Protection of Electrostatic Discharge Susceptible Items – Packaging Materials. ANSI/ESD S Packaging Materials for ESD Sensitive Items. Posts about ANSI/ESD S written by Desco. Antistatic is the ESD control property properly referred to as “low charging”. This is an important property for all.

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Both documents were prepared by the Protects packaged items from the effects of static discharge that are external to the package.

Each area has the recommended ESD packaging material properties noted. If rigorous handling is expected, cushioned packaging may need to be considered.

Making the package less insulative provides a path for charge to dissipate from the package. The packaging generally retains physical and environmental protective qualities.

Summary of Protective Properties Protection Low Charging antistatic Dissipative or Conductive Resistance Discharge Shielding Property Materials that have reduced amounts exd charge accumulation as compared with standard packaging materials.

Field-shielding materials classified according to section 7. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Posted by Protektive Pak. ESD Shielding of Bags. Provides an electrical path for charge to dissipate from the package.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A vast assortment of configurations accommodates device package ess. When the device contacts an object with a different potential, like a grounded hand removing the device from a package, an electrostatic discharge occurs.


Example of EPA Configurations Static dissipation is achieved with topically applied antistat. S5441 resistance 2-point electrode. Chemicals antistats are added to the polyethylene bag to render it low charging. A surface conductive material shall have a surface resistance of less than 1.

Tribocharging of tubes, planar materials, bags, unit packs vibration. They are typically rendered ESD-protective with antistat, carbon, or hygroscopic material.


Consider the source of the static electricity and then the path the charge must travel to damage the device. Surface resistance 2-point electrode. Understand the product sensitivity You can gather information about the ESD sensitivity of an item by either measuring it in-house, contacting the manufacturer of the product or by analyzing published ESD sensitivity data. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The impregnated corrugated has a buried shielding layer that provides the shielding ESD control property so that ESD sensitive items can be stored or transported outside an ESD protected area. Email required Address never made public. The metallization and plastic form a shield against discharge and Electric fields.

The result is a low charging antistatic polyethylene bag that is s54 likely to damage static sensitive items. The packaging generally retains its physical and environmental protective qualities.


Packaging » EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

Performance limits are provided. Home About Protektive Pak. Tailoring is accomplished by evaluating the applicability of each requirement for the specific application. Notify me of new comments via email.

The choice of plastic and ESD treatment determines heat ansj. Forms include polystyrene or soybean foam pellets, paper, and air filled bladders.

Dissipative or Conductive Resistance. Volume resistance of planar materials. Also, remember that ESD packaging should be anxi. Materials that have reduced amounts of charge accumulation as compared with standard packaging materials. Conductive bags are extruded plastic combined with conductive materials and exhibit the same properties on both surfaces. Use of existing surface and volume resistance test methods see Table 3 to assist in determining whether discharge shielding properties exist.

Packaging for ESD sensitive items is commonly derived by modifying existing packaging to prevent the packaging itself from causing static damage.

Test the final packaging ese for effectiveness It is esv recommended to subject packages to the type of hazards that can be expected during shipments. Care should be exercised to neutralize charge on devices prior to shunting to avoid charged device model CDM damage.