Welcome to my blog! I’m so pleased that you’re taking the time to explore this site.


My name is Miguel Spence, a 30-something introvert who has a lot to say about a subject that is very close to my heart: mental health. There is so much social stigma attached to conditions like introversion, depression, and anxiety—that you’re weak, incapable, dysfunctional, and so much more. The worse thing about it is that mental health is something rarely talked about on the internet and social media, except when we hear news about suicides and what pushed the victims from taking their own lives.


As a mental health advocate, I created this blog to serve as an online platform for the voiceless people who need to be heard. The Quiet Life is also meant as a helpful online resource for people who are quietly suffering from different mental and emotional problems. I am no expert when it comes to diagnosis and treatments, but this blog can provide the support system that you may need when you’re struggling with your mental health. My background in sociology and clinical psychology has strengthened my resolve in making more people aware about their mental well-being.