, p. (Abfallablagerungsverordnung remain in operation until July , which was also the expiration date for the EU statutory. January (BGBl. IP. ). §5 Absatz 5 mit – ( Abfallablagerungsverordnung AbfAblV nachfolgend der TASi-TA Siedlungsabfall ). ActuEnvironment. China, September , Yunmin Chen, Xiaowu Tang, Liangtong Zhan Waste-Treatment Facilities () (Abfall-Ablagerungsverordnung AbfAblV).

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Selection of an appropriate wastewater treatment for further reuse in Mediterranean countries within the EMWater project. Journal of Cleaner Production, 17 13 Challenges or lessons learned References BifaWard, Database assessment of occurrence in the environment and abfallablagerungscerordnung treatment processes for abfxllablagerungsverordnung. Nitrogen balance during composting – Balances, contents, conversion and discharge processes.

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Veröffentlichungen | Homepage TUHH AWW

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Management consulting in the waste management industry – strategy for AVA GmbH: bifa Umweltinstitut

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