Keeping with the hallmark of the text, Riasanovsky and Steinberg examine all aspects of Russia’s history–political, international, military, economic, social, and . A History of Russia has ratings and 52 reviews. WarpDrive said: RUSSIA Russia. A complex and fascinating history, a rich culture with many a contr. Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume survey text available, A History of Russia presents the whole span of Russia’s history, from the origins of the Kievan .

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This well-balanced volume covers Russia from prehistory to present, including political, economic, social, and cultural history.

It is an account of Russia’s transition from the early Ruirikid State in Kiev to the present. I think that the following extract from the poem “To My Country” by the great 19th century Russian poet Lermontov captures some of the uniqueness and beauty of Russia: Perhaps Riasanovsky sympathized with the Og.

Basil Cathedral in Moscow and also with beautiful examples of Soviet architecture: This is a text book, so it riasanovssky everything one might hope for in a history: Lungo da leggere, complesso e pieno di informazioni concentrate.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. A nation that has frequently received biased, flawed and ideologically-colored treatment by many commentators, especially by Western and particularly by US media during and hjstory the Cold War.

A well-deserved 5 stars – this is historical writing at its best. California Book Award for Nonfiction Gold Without being at the same time too neutral to be indifferent, it gives an understanding of the debates surrounding Russian historiography.

A History of Russia – Nicholas Riasanovsky, Mark Steinberg – Oxford University Press

Overall, I am better informed about Russia and know which topics I would want to read about This book was a bear of a book. My library Help Advanced Book Riasanovsmy. Russian Winter by Vladimir Zhdanov THE BOOK Considering the often superficial, ill-informed, and ideologically biased portrait of Russia infesting many publications and commentaries, I approached the reading of this book with a bit of trepidation, and with very moderate expectations.

X happens and then Y happens and professors Z1 and Z2 have such-and-so interpretations, but with almost no quotations from primary sources or detail to give color and improve retention of the material.

Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

Riasanovsky focuses on the various forces that interact in the Russian people; the West versus the Slavic heritage, the Orthodox heritage versus Communism, indeed, Russia is a land of contradictions. So in a way, this book remains very neutral in the histogy of events and points of view, although at the same time it is indeed very sarcastic and personal.


The book narrative is easy and difficult in some parts,but the author explains every major aspect in histoy. Now completely revised in this eighth edition, A History of Russia covers the entire span of the country’s history, from ancient times to the post-communist present.

I would actually give this book two ratings. Miserable writing and poor factual presentation: Soviet Russia in riasanovky s Sheila Fitzpatrick Request examination copy.

Oxford University Press- History – pages. A Very Short Introduction S.

A History of Russia

Frequent reference is made to other works with riaasnovsky more, like “the Slavs ate green cheese, although Miserable writing and poor factual presentation: Timid though the voice of Soviet intellectuals is Rusisa I, So in a way, I wanted a book that was comprehensive on the history of Russia, understandable by a layman that did not know much about it beforehand, not fiasanovsky boring to be able to go through the end, not too full of references to other famous historian works.

Lascia da approfondire in particolare il succedersi dei fatti storici particolari guerre, battagliefatti spiccioli che sono solo visti nelle loro conseguenze. More likely, he was being prudent for a Russian historian of the s, who depended on the Soviet government for access to the archives and artifacts in the Soviet Union that he needed to do his job. A History of Russia Eighth edition Nicholas Riasanovsky and Mark Steinberg The major strength of this text is its narrative prose, which is both comprehensive and powerful.

A Russian-English Life, G. I was after a one-volume comprehensive overview, an university textbook that, in an academically appropriate way and in a nuanced and unbiased manner, would help me improve my hostory of the fascinating Russian history, in particular of the Pre-Soviet period.

Modern Hungers Alice Weinreb. About the Author s Nicholas V. Overall, it’s a very comprehensive introduction to each era, even if it can be a bit of a slog at times to read. Russia’s history no doubt indeed is very complicated and uncertain. Classic history of Russia by noted scholar This classic survey of Russian history is an excellent overview of this sprawling cultural, military, and political power which has had such a major impact on the world over the last centuries.


My edition of the book ends with Yeltsin, the once-popular but now seen as weak leader who ushered in the democratic experiment as well as the rise of a new class of plutocrats. Aug 05, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Frankly, if we want to understand Russia, we may be better off finding Russia mysterious’knowing that there are no easy answers or certainties.

Soviet Culture, I loved this book the 4th edition when I was in college. It must also be said, though, that as this book is just an overview even though it is a page oneit will probably leave all readers who happen to have prior detailed knowledge of Russian history quite unsatisfied; but I must also highlight that I found it remarkable how much information the authors managed to pack into a single volume.

A History of Russia (Nicholas Riasanovsky) – book review

Specializing in the cultural, intellectual, and social history of Russia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth riasaonvsky, his many books include Voices of Revolution, and Proletarian Imagination: It is very comprehensive, covering not only the rulers but also explains the economic, cultural and social scene. However, for the period sincethis book would rate only 3 stars. This The version of this book that I wrote was published in the early s, so I am hoping that later versions of the book hiatory improved.

See 2 questions about A History of Russia…. Watching Russian history since then, as Putin has consolidated power and allowed a new elite to crystallize from the robber barons, I have often been grateful for the context provided by this book and the courses I took with it.

Its covers both classic history but also culture of each time period. A very broad look at Russia’s History. Rjssia wanted a book that was comprehensive on the history of Russia, understandable by a layman that did not know much about it beforehand, not too boring to be able to go through the end, not too full of references to other famous historian works.