4 Natural Ways to Treat Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can occur anytime and anywhere without any warning or apparent cause. This fact alone is enough to make someone extremely anxious and fearful. If you have experienced panic attacks before, there’s no point in isolating yourself from the rest of the world. You can still be in control of your condition and find ways to cure panic attacks. Nowadays, many natural remedies work to address the root causes of panic attacks.


The following are some tips to help you cure panic attacks the natural way.

1. Maintain a stress-free and calm ambience at home

Make sure that all things that cause a lot of stress to you should be out of your way at home, be it the clutter in your room or the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Also, set aside plenty of time for relaxation. For instance, you can allot half an hour of relaxation time for listening to music or reading a good book before going to bed.

2. Avoid anything that keeps you from being relaxed

Coffee boosts heart rate, while chemicals in cigarettes restrict blood flow to the brain. So avoid them to make it easier for you to relax.

3. Eat more “brain foods”

Since panic attacks come from the brain activities, it pays to include a lot of brain foods in your daily diet. These healthy foods include fish, vegetables, grains, nuts, and oats.

4. Take advantage of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy products are known to have soothing and calming effects to the brain. You can try mixing lavender oil with other bath oils, whose scent alone is simply relaxing.

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